Michele is the person responsible for the success of ABBANOW and formed the band in 2000.

With a remarkable look and sound to the Swedish blonde, she has been playing the part of Agnetha for over fifteen years.

An experienced professional, she has performed with many of the more exclusive ABBA shows touring extensively in the UK and around the world.

She has performed in many stadium and theatre shows and on various television programmes.

She has a wealth of experience and still enjoys every moment of her performance










Angie has been singing for as long as she can remember, at an early age performing in front of her mother every Saturday night singing every song on every ABBA album!

She never dreamed she would be singing the songs of her idols for a living.

A huge ABBA fan, Angie has done everything from musical theatre to corporate acting, has been playing "Frida" since 2002 and plays the her part in a very "Frida-esque" way.












Benny Chris excels in his role of Benny, playing his character with flamboyance and finesse, whilst also enduring himself to the female members of the audience!


An accomplished and experienced musician, Chris has been playing keyboard since the tender age of seven , passing all grades [up to and including grade eight] with distinction.


His natural exuberance and enigmatic personality reflects his popularity with the audience and he remains a valued member of the band.












Dennis started playing piano at the age of ten, he then moved onto the guitar and started a school band.

Turning professional at the age of eighteen, he toured all over Europe including performing in American bases and upon returning to the UK he worked in all the major cabaret clubs backing some of club lands top acts.

With extensive experience, he has appeared on television and performed on the radio many times.
In 2005, the opportunity to join ABBANOW came along and once again he is enjoying playing the part of "Bjorn" in an established band.