About Us


ABBANOW were formed in 2000 and are now in their 10th year entertaining audiences around the UK and the world.

Their musical expertise and attention to detail has ensured that ABBANOW is one of the UK’s leading Tribute bands.

ABBANOW produced and recorded their backing tracks in a recording studio, using a studer (tape to tape reel) and recorded in exactly the same way as the original ABBA.

The total cost to record these tracks was approximately £8,000 pounds so you can see just how determined they were to get the right authentic sound!

ABBANOW are the ONLY tribute band to play live using a 24 track hard disc recorder instead of a mini disc player. The sound is much clearer with 24 channels allowing the sound engineer to get a better quality of sound. With a mini disc it only has two channels, left and right and music recorded onto it will sound compressed.

24 track hard disc recorders are normally used in recording studios but ABBANOW made the decision to take it on the road.  This was to re-create that special sound staying true to ABBA.

Michele (Agnetha) and Angie (Frida) have paid particular attention to the vocals ensuring that they are sung in the same tone and harmony as Agnetha and Frida’s.

With both of them studying ballet when they were younger, their choreography and stage performance is very professional and they even have convincing Swedish accents!

All ABBANOW’s costumes are exact replicas of the original costumes originally made by Owe Sandsrom with painstaking attention to detail by their costume designer Anita Rose.

For many years ABBANOW have been entertaining audiences at many large outdoor events, music festivals, theatres, racecourses and hotels.

Past venues include the Special Olympics, playing to a crowd capacity over 5,000, Party in the Park at Biscester, crowd capacity over 3,000, Party in the Park at Chester, crowd capacity over 5,000, and The Reebok Stadium, crowd capacity 8,000 people.

ABBANOW have also performed at private events for many celebrities including Chris Evans, Barbara Windsor, Sally Lindsey, Matt Lucas and many corporate functions for companies including BT, Jaguar, Toyota UK, and Lush.

ABBANOW have also performed at the Birmingham Metropol and Wimbledon Greyhound Stadium, crowd capacity 12,000 people with a televised appearance appearing on Sky TV.


ABBANOW have performed at many outdoor arenas and festivals around the world including Germany, Italy, Spain, Dubai and even Sweden!

Television and radio

ABBANOW have appeared on national and worldwide television many times including live performances on Lorraine Kelly show on GMTV, This morning with Richard Madley and Judy Finnigan on Granada Television, “That 70’s Show on Channel 5, The Tricia Show on ITV, Central Weekend on Central Television and the highlight of their career was performing live at the closing ceremony at the Special Olympics (global worldwide television audience, local, national and international press.)